Day Thirty Six: West Yellowstone

We woke a bit on the later side, and headed up the hill a bit with our chairs to find an area with a view of the lake to enjoy our coffee. It was a lovely start to our morning. We packed up our site, and then headed into the town of West Yellowstone to a new campground where we could shower and do a bit of laundry. It was only 5 minutes from the entrance of the National Park, so it made our plans for going to the Park early in the morning the following day much more manageable. We joke about the KOA’s being the Walmart’s of campgrounds, but sometimes it is nice to know what you’re going to get! We did arrived at our new home for the day, did some laundry, and then headed downtown to check out the area! The town was special, my favorite store was an Indian shop, and of course I started crying reading the bison masacre history. We got an appetizer and beer at a pub called the Slipper Otter. Our beers were delicious! However we wouldn’t go back to that pub, it wasn’t anything special.

After visiting the town, we headed back to camp to hang out, read, and soak up the hot tub! We met some lovely new friends from St.Louis and had a great time talking with them. Afterwards we showered and just had some simple vegetable Amy’s soup for dinner. My picture taking is lagging, and I apologize, however I’m sure we will have plenty to share on tomorrow’s adventure! Early wake up call and planned McDonald’s breakfast. Don’t judge us.

Day Thirty Five: Wade Lake

We woke up to rain the day we were leaving. Both of us bathed and packed up slow. We headed out in search of breakfast and came across a place almost identical to Pufferbelly’s in Grand junction. If you know you know! The place was called a Beanery, which I thought had something to do with coffee but we later found out meant “cheap” You learn something new everyday! We stopped for a kombucha on our way out and headed to Wade Lake. This spot was another recommendation Jake had received from a couple when he had hiked solo up to Avalanche to fish. We were excited to see what would be waiting for us and hopeful that we would get there in time to claim a site. It was our lucky day! There were only 2 sites left on the hill. We set our chairs down and then headed out to pick up some wood and beer and drank shakes for lunch on the way. Going down to the lake and seeing everyone with theirs made us want to join the party! We sat by the lake with our toes in the freezing water and watched the storm roll in. It was very relaxing until those storm clouds grew darker and darker. We packed up quickly, but before we knew it we were running up the hill with our hands on our heads to protect us from the hail! We hopped in the back and listened to the hail storm for about 30 minutes before we fell asleep. It lasted for a couple of hours, or at least we think so. We woke up at 7 to a wet campsite and Jake started making a fire right away. Spaghetti leftovers for dinner! They were even better the second time.

After dinner, Jake headed down to the lake to fish. He met the loveliest couple from New Zealand! I stayed back to tend the fire and catch up on some writing. However as soon as the sun set and I saw the sky, I put on a big piece of wood that would last and made my way down to the lake to join him. We watched a sillouette of a father and sons fishing on a boat. There was a fog coming over the lake from the storm and the colors of the sunset were a gift after the storm. We took it all in, and then headed back up to have some tea by the fire. Off to a new place tomorrow!