Day Thirty: Great Falls, Great Friends, and Few Pictures.

We woke up more slowly this day. Trying to enjoy the lovely campsite we had found by stretching and enjoying some tea. We headed out to the town of Choteau around 10, only to find that the downtown of Choteau was really not quite the downtown we were anticipating. So, we headed onward to Great Falls in search of workplace to coffee shop area there! On the way, we had our first truck hiccup. Some malfunctioning with the cruise control caused the engine to shut off. We took it into O’Reilly’s when we made it to the big city and all was good. I’m sad to say that I didn’t capture any pictures of this coffee shop we worked at. It was so awesome too! The best artwork, chai, and ambiance. It was called Electric City Coffee and Jake and I highly recommend it! I finished writing and working at about 3:30 and then we strolled around town to take a break before my meeting at 5. The only photo I captured was one of a smaller antique store with this random restaurant in the back. It was darling but strange at the same time!

We finished our strolling, and then headed to find a Starbucks so I could have my meeting and we could make iced green tea fizz beverages. They are just the best! The meeting was a success and we headed next to meet our friend at a brewery up the road. We shared stories and caught up on “the good old times” until midnight. It was the best. Jake and I decided to stay in the truck last night insisting that we would be comfortable and oh boy, that was a mistake! Some parking lots are not meant for car camping.