Day Thirty Four: Surprise Art and Wine Festivals

We woke up slow this morning. Enjoying making breakfast and coffee in a kitchen was certainly a treat! We headed into town a little later in search of a coffee shop I could do some work at, and then Jake took off to fish all afternoon. It’s been a perfect balance really, having time to ourselves doing what makes us both happy. All of the coffee shops closed at 2, so I explored the town a bit and found a soup shop that was perfect! Vegetable curry soup, kombucha, fresh baked pretzel rolls, and high speed wifi. I couldn’t have asked for more! The lady at the counter also mentioned that there would be a wine and art festival going on downtown from 6-8! How lucky were we?! I finished up at about 4ish and then walked just up the street to the room to drop my things off. Our room was nice and cool, so I made the somewhat ridiculous decision of going to buy a bath plug so I could take a bath while I waited for Jake. The little things make a big difference!

We headed out to the festival and had the best time. Free wine, beer, and snacks were available at all of galleries and we were able to see some incredible work displaying the beauty of the area. It was fun dreaming of the day we could purchase one of these pieces. But for now we just happily window shopped, sipped, and snacked. For dinner, we took the advice of the landlord in our room and decided to go to Neptune’s. Every person we’ve met on this trip has lead us in the right direction and this was no exception. The sushi was the best we had ever had and the restaurant had a fun ambiance. It was worth it to treat ourselves to a meal out in the evening. To end the night, we visited a bar that a friend had recommended in hopes of seeing John Mayer. No luck there, but they had a band playing that we both enjoyed. A shot of tequila to finish the wonderful evening and we headed back home. Back to car camping life tomorrow!