Day Nine: Canada Day Eh?

First of all, everything you have heard about Canadians being some of the kindest people is entirely true. They are so genuine and helpful and go that extra mile for each person. At least that’s how they all treated us. We got to Tobermory around 9 and went to the ferry office to buy our tickets for the next day. After that we explored the town, did some grocery shopping, and got some information on where to hiking that day. It took us a little while to get going, but we eventually made it to their national park entrance. We were so excited to learn that it was Canada Day! Although when we did get to the national park entrance and found out that the fees were waved due to the holiday and it would be around an hour or so before getting in, we weren’t as excited. We went to another area called Devil’s Monument and hiked the Bruce Trail for a couple of miles. The monument, called stacks, was formed by glacier melt and the rock beach below was very peaceful .

On the way back we pulled over to watch the cows and I took in my favorite smells. There fields filled with yellow flowers everywhere here and it is so wonderful. We stopped to get fish and chips with a side of poutine before getting back into town. We’re all for cooking good meals while traveling, but there are moments when eating local is better, and this was one of them.

I had my Arbonne meeting in town while Jake went fishing, and then we met back up by the coffee shop. These short breaks make us miss each other and I think that’s a good thing. We figured out our camping situation at the new lot close to town where the ferry dock was, and then decided to get a beer to celebrate Canada day. We sat there for a while, and met the sweetest couple from the area. We talked for a couple of hours, and after a couple more beers, they ended up buying our drinks! Canadians are the best.