Day Twenty: Treat Ourselves Day

We woke up so full of it on this morning. There’s something about being completely disconnected that is so fueling for the soul. It may be difficult at first, but the reward is so worth it. We had coffee and talked with our new friends for a bit before packing up and heading out DOWN the mountain. Yippee!

Our favorite snack

We got back to the truck at about 1:30 and spent about an hour unpacking/repacking. Then, we headed into town for well deserved beers and food! We would be checking into our FIRST hotel of the whole trip later that day and we’re beyond excited for a good shower and hot tub. We came across a place called “Wild Bill’s” and felt that it was fitting. There was no one there! We couldn’t believe it. The views were amazing, the people were fantastic and the food and beer was everything we needed. Win! We ambitiously chose to do some shopping downtown. The popcorn was the best part. Some things never change! When we arrived at the hotel it was about 5. After taking the most amazing shower and unpacking a bit, we headed straight for the hot tub and sauna.

We decided to get take out from the hotel restaurant to eat on the balcony and it was probably the best decision we had made all day. Movies and relaxation afterwards. Cheers to that!