Day Nineteen: Hobby Day

Jake was up at 7 and fishing by the time my lazy bum woke up. He had already caught 5 fish when he got back around 10! He was the happiest. Good sized trout and a beautiful morning with rainbows. He had his coffee, I had my tizzy, and soupy gross breakfast together. Jake added too much water, oops! Watery eggs it is.

After breakfast, we packed up some lunch and snacks and headed to hike to lake O’Brien. The trail said it was only 2 km but it felt much further. Whew we were sore! The lake was so peaceful. It was a bit swampy due to the heavy rains but it almost made the scenes even more beautiful. Jake fished and I caught up on some writing . We made the best of it until it began raining again, and then we headed back down. I went back to camp to paint and Jake stopped by the river to continue fishing.

Jake finished his book in the bug net hammock and then made friends with our neighbors and played a game while I finished up painting. They were the nicest people from Calgary! I wish we got a picture. We made a very delicious but not so good for us backpacking dinner and then hung out for a bit before heading inside for sleep to escape from the bugs.

Day Eighteen: Up the Mountain!

Today was the first day of our backpacking adventure! We woke up to rain drizzling and started getting ready to leave the site. Two Jack’s was okay but I doubt we will be back. A bit to out of the way and no showers. We headed into town to pick up some last minute groceries, get some ice, and make sure our cooler was free of perishables while we were gone. We ate our taco salad leftovers in the parking lot for lunch nad then headed to the base of Taylor Lake trailhead to start packing our backpacks full of everything we would need!

We headed up the mountain at about 2. The trail was 6.3 km with a 3,000 ft. gain. I complained much more than I should have. My pack was heavier than usual and the incline really did us in. Shouldn’t have brought the night creme. When we made it to the top it started raining, and we quickly (after taking a victory picture) found coverage to wait in until we could pick out site to set up camp.

We found the least squishy place to set up our tent, and took shelter from the rain that came back through. We ended up taking a little nap and then Jake headed out to fish. I, on the other hand, stayed in and made tea while reading. It was lovely. This lake is like glass and the mountains are just incredible. It felt like our own little sanctuary. When he got back we made dinner. Vegan rissoto! For backpacking food the ingredients were actually really good. It began raining again so we headed in. Both of us were incredibly sore so sleeping wasn’t the easiest. However the peace of where we were definitely helped.