Day Eleven: Bound West

We have campsites booked in Banff for Monday. At this point we were about 31 hours away and it was Wednesday. So we made a plan to drive about 5 or 6 hours each day, stopping next at another free campsite, and then splurging at a campground to do laundry and take a (real) shower. We started off the day with fancy chocolate almond butter oatmeal, and then did 15 minutes of yoga on the beach. We left the site at about 9:30 and had about 6 and a half hours of driving to our next site in Terrace Bay.

Oatmeal, almond butter, dark chocolate, honey, cinnamon

The drive was STUNNING. The further we drove, the more mountains we saw and the bigger and more dense the forest became. About every 2 minutes there were lake pools on either side of the highway, and fields full of yellow and purple wildflowers. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. It made it difficult not to pull over every 30 minutes. First world problems, I know. We pulled over to a picnic spot by a river, there are so many here! It’s lovely. Jake fished for about an hour while I made veggie sandwiches and read by the river. We probably spent too long here but it was beautiful.

Hummus, mustard and garlic aoli spread. Avocado, cucumber, tomato, broccoli sprouts. Topped with Italian seasoning and black pepper on Ezekiel bread.

When we arrived to our next campsite it was surprisingly spacious! A big lot with hardly anyone there, probably because it was a bit chilly. We found a nice place to park by a picnic table and Jake started cooking dinner. We ate quickly and then took a walk down the beach. Watching the birds glide together over the water was like a scene out of the Notebook. The sun peeked out and Jake went fishing under the waterfall while I caught up on writing. The bugs were by far the worst at this spot. I’m not sure if it’s because we were close to the water or because we were further into Canada, either way, they were quite annoying. We watched a beaver fish for a while and when I checked the time at 11 it was still completely light out! Oh, Canada. We love you.

Spinach raviolis with sauteed broccoli, tomatoes and Italian seasoning

Day One: “It’s actually working!”

Our first leg of the trip! We drove 9 1/2 hours, and stopped in Allentown Pennsylvania to camp for the night on our way to Vermont. We listened to the Joe Rogan podcast and “ Only Love” by Ben Howard was our song of the day. PB&J’s for lunch and of course all of the snacks. I’m most likely going to write about all of our snack choices because yes hello I am the snack master. Jake insisted on getting gas station coffee instead of my bougie choice of finding a local coffee stop and it was delicious. He won that round.

Tonight was the night of figuring out how this was going to go, and couldn’t have been any better. We used everything we brought and it actually worked! Jake went fishing and I cooked a delicious meal during golden hour by the riverside. Ridiculously wonderful. The day ended with loose leaf turmeric tea by the fire, and an hour of me trying to set up this platform. Oh, and lightening bugs. Total magic.

Sautéed broccoli and bell pepper with butter and black pepper Quinoa Seafood seasoned chicken

One Spoon; Packing Only the Necessities and Minimalism

Packing for this trip did not happen in one week. Or even one month. We had been keeping an eye out for things a little bit at a time, because we knew that if we waited we would just order things we didn’t need in a panic. Living in Costa Rica taught me a lot about living simply. It allows you to focus on what’s really important, and I feel like there’s no better time to practice this habit than when traveling. So when we packed up all of our kitchen supplies and camping gear, we made sure to only have one of everything. One spoon, one fork, one cup for all the drinks…etc. This theme played out into our clothing as well. We made sure that we brought clothes that were practical, multi use, and dark. To be honest, we’re a week in and I have worn the same two outfits multiple times because it’s my favorite. I’m sure we can all say the same things about our closets full of things we never wear. Minimalism is freedom, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are only allowed to have one spoon. It’s the detachment from things, and the experience of living without them.

Welcome to Our Travel Blog

Nothing is more important, than reconnecting with your bliss.

Welcome to all things car camping, love, honesty, travel, and adventure. Preparing for this blog has already been an adventure of it’s own. Navigating the wonderful world of social media platforms, or technology alone, has never been my forte. However, I think this road trip serves as an opportunity to try new things, and share along the way.

Jake and I will be traveling for a little over 5 weeks. Stopping in Vermont, and then heading up to Canada to make our way West to Banff and Glacier National Park. Camping out of our fully equipped truck and enjoying every minute in nature. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates! (That felt pretty cool)