We woke up a little late and had a typical slow Sunday morning with tizzy’s and reading. Our neighbors stopped by to chat for a bit and then we packed up and were on the road at 10:30 with our shakes. We saw a bear on the way out, just hanging out on the side of the road. It couldn’t have been a better exit from the park.

We headed to Two Medicine to have lunch there and check out that side of the park for a bit. Veggie sandwiches, are you surprised? Us either. They are our favorite. The area around Two Medicine was much less touristy than that of the West. More Western old town with a couple of gift shops and a laid back campground and picnic area. It was refreshing.

We headed on our way out, and pulled over next to a river Jake had seen on the way out. We’re so happy we did because…yes! Jake saw his first moose! Actually two. Right up the river from where he was. A perfect ending. He caught a few fish as well which made him feel better about the license purchase he had made. I read and did some planning for Arbonne while he fished. Soaking up the sun. All was well! We stopped for huckleberry pie and ice cream on the way out and then headed to our final destination for the evening in Choteau.

Choteau didn’t have much to see, but our campground was a very pleasant surprised. The name was Mountain View Campground. We loved the tent village we stayed in! It had nice grass, a cooking counter, outlets, and accessible water! On top of that, the showers were updated and clean with plenty of hot water, AND a big sink with hot water to wash dishes in. We were happy campers to say the least. We had a very detoxifying dinner of chickpeas and rice with ginger tumeric tea, followed by some stretching in the soft grass and a shower. Life was good. We wish we could pick up this campground and take it with us everywhere we went! It is a wonderful place to stop through on your way through Montana. Tomorrow, we head a little ways to Great Falls to visit a friend.

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A woman on a mission to share a love of adventure and freedom.

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