Our plan for the day was to be leaving the campsite by 7 to make sure that we found a parking spot at the base of the Grinnell Glacier trail. We woke up at that time instead. Oops. We still made it to to the trailhead by 9 and got one of the last parking spots. Yippee! The weather was perfect and we were so excited to be there. The total distance was about 12 miles. I’m not sure of the elevation climb but it wasn’t too bad. Even for me! We didn’t bring the bear spray, though of course there were the most bears we’d been around on this trail. Our fellow hikers had our backs! There were plenty of other hikers joining us, and this time we were grateful for them. We saw a brown bear from an overlook mosying through a field. Is mosying a word? It was the perfect way to see wildlife. From a good distance above. The hike views only got better. Wildflowers, blue lakes, and monstrous peaks everywhere you looked. The sun was shinging, and there was a slight breeze. We were so grateful.

Lake Josephine

The view was better through binnoculars but there he is!

Grinnell Lake

We made it to the top and celebrated with a peanut butter (almond butter for me) and jelly sandwich with our new favorite beers and a view! Then we headed up a little bit more to check out the Glacier and take some pictures where we met the loveliest two people from Canada! They were friends traveling and we swapped pictures. That’s been working out quite well. We chatted the whole way back down the mountain. It made the time just fly! On the way down we ran into a big horned sheep right in the middle of the trail, as well as an adorable marmot hanging out next to it. The sheep was a little in shock I think, poor guy. He didn’t move at all and just stared at us for a while. When we reached the bottom, we exchanged numbers with our new friends, made plans to make it back up to the stampede next year in Calgary, and then headed our separate ways. They asked what we were doing tonight and we felt like old people when our response was just hanging out at the site. We were pooped and drinks by the fire sounded excellent. No shame.

We headed back to camp, making a stop at the overpriced grocery store by St.Mary’s lodge for some icecream and snacks. A box of Cheerios was $10. Needless to say, if you are traveling and camping in Glacier and are looking to save money like we try to do, do your grocery shopping elsewhere. Hence the backpacking food dinner the night before. Every little bit helps! Tonight we found some fettuccini pasta sides that actually looked really good and were affordable. Plus we had some pesto, and fresh herbs to use as well as wine we had picked up in Canada! It worked out perfectly. Until it rained. Once a day everyday we get a shower and we’ve gotten pretty used to it at this point. The pasta stayed surprisingly warm as it sat on the stove getting wet. We dried off by the fire and ate standing up with a rainbow behind us and a slight wine buzz. No complaints. After dinner we spent time drying everything off and then headed to bed, looking forward to moving forward and onto new places tomorrow!

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