We woke up early this day, jumped in the car, and headed out to grab our campsite at Avalanche. On the way though, we made a very good decision to stop into the KOA and see if we could use their showers. We were going on day 3 and I was not okay with baby wiping any longer. KOA if you are reading this somehow we apologize BUT we actually just pulled up and were able to use the showers no problem. We left without any trouble and were very grateful for the quick hot water rinse. Headed back to West Glacier, we again, decided to detour and stop for breakfast. We hadn’t eaten out for a bit and a full breakfast was just too good to say no. It was very expensive but we were happy. We picked up some bread, beer, and avocados, and then headed to our campsite. Praying the entire way there that site #63 was still available! Our prayers were answered. I set up my hammock and sat and prayed for a long time. Which led to tears. Among other losses, my grandpa had passed earlier this year and it was just overwhelming to know that they had been at this exact site. Truly special. We made some tea and read for a bit before making the usual veggie sandwich lunch. We hopped into bed afterwards to escape the rain and ended up napping. Oh, boo, what a terrible time I know.After an hour of laying, I decided to head into town to attempt to find wifi and do some work while Jake went fishing. The only place I could find was the visitor center in West Glacier, but they were so friendly, and basically just grabbed me and told me I could sit wherever. Not ideal, but you make things work when it’s important to you right? Jake would be back to pick me up at 6. They closed at 5 so I headed up the street to a nearby bar to have a beer. It was a lovely little hour waiting. When I went outside and didn’t see Jake, I decided to get a huckleberry ice cream as well. Good excuse, right? Anytime I can squeeze in the local goods I try to do so, but only when it feels right and works out that way. As all things should be done. We arrived to a rainy campsite, made an assessment of how we would cook dinner, and decided that beer and music would help. So we turned on our trip playlist, opened the beers we had gotten earlier, and started to cook burritos. I’m not sure if it was the weather that made them taste so good but they sure were delicious! I should let Jake cook more often. We hopped into bed early and read because it was raining and cold and what else is there to do?

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A woman on a mission to share a love of adventure and freedom.

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