We had a slower morning at the campsite. Anytime we have a nice space and a table to relax at we fully enjoy it. The chai we bought to mix with our coffee also made for a splendid morning! We made protein oatmeal, read our books, and then got ready to get out a hike in Waterton. We (I) felt like we at least needed to have one hiking experience in the park while we were here.

We decided to check out Red Rock Canyon, but to our surprise, the parkway was closed and it would take us about 6 hours to walk all the way in there. Tourist mistake. We walked in as far as we felt like anyways, and had fun laying in the fields of wildflowers. Despite the windy weather, the sunshine helped. After our hike, or walk rather, we headed into town to pick up a few camping supplies and gas. I also bought a pair of necessary but unecessary (but necessary) yellow pants that are now my favorite thing. It was Tuesday so I could treat myself, right?

Getting through customs was a breeze, we are so blessed to have U.S. passports but that’s a whole other story. We drove into Montana and were in awe of the mountains already. Both of our jaws dropped when we made it into the park and began driving up Going to the Sun road. It started raining a bit at first, but once the sun broke through the heavens sang and we were blown away. We had anticipated Banff being the highlight of this trip but were completely taken back. Glacier is defintiely a sight to see. Ask Jake, he could tell you.

We climbed up to Logan Pass and got out to check out the views and do the tourist thing. As much as we dislike the crowds, we keep reminding ourselves that we’re no better. A sign was hanging that perfectly described the dilemma I’m facing taking these photos.

We headed down the pass and checked out the visitors centers on the way to a free campsite Jake’s brother had told us about. As soon as we got service we found the location. On the way there we had pb&J’s for lunch and I discovered that peanut butter doesn’t agree well with my stomach. We stopped by Avalanche campground to see if anyone might be leaving, and spoke with the couple that was staying at the site we were hoping to get. The site where my grandparents stayed years ago when they came through the park on their motorcycle. Fortunately they would be leaving in the morning, and were sweet enough to let us put our tag under theirs to save our spot. When we got to our free site, it was about 6. We made soup and grilled cheese for lunch and I was so hungry when we got there I didn’t get a picture. The site was a sandbar next to a river just outside the park on blankenship Rd. It worked out perfectly. We were joined by many other car campers and felt right at home. You can’t beat free! Jake fished the river and caught a few, while I read and did yoga. A typical evening.

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A woman on a mission to share a love of adventure and freedom.

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