We woke up around 8 and had bananas and coffee before packing up and heading out for another 6 hours of driving. I made shakes for second breakfast. The province of Saskatchewan is mostly farmlands and prairies, so I focused on getting some of my work with Arbonne done in the car while listening to more Joe Rogan podcasts. Beautiful skies made up for the lack of scenery as well as having each other.

We stopped in Swift Current for groceries. Their town slogan read, “Life the way it should be” The older homes and neighborhoods reminded us of Grand Junction. As we were veggie wraps for lunch in the parking lot, a guy came over to talk to us about the truck. He loved it! It was so sweet.

We had about an hour and a half before getting to Cyprus Hills Campground. The campground looked like a good location but could only tell so much about the site online. To our surprise, it was truly a hidden Oasis amongst the prairie lands. Not to mention it was massive. It felt like the supermall of campgrounds. Our site was all the way up and in the back, and it couldn’t have been better. We had an open site with lots of light that kept us warm, and there was hardly anyone around. We changed as soon as we got there and went on a walk to explore the grounds and move a bit. It was a lovely walk filled with good and much needed conversation. We had been so on top of each other we really hadn’t gotten a chance to decompress and breathe like this for a minute. It felt so good. Having each other to lean on during this journey has taught us so much already. Both about ourselves and our relationship. There will always be kinks, but there will always be a deep love to come back to as well. At the end of the walk we came up to a snack bar that we were hoping had beer. It didn’t, but after I asked the checkout counter guy, a kid with the BIGGEST grin and squinty popped his head out and said “I could sell you some in the back alley later if you’d like eh?” It was the way he said it that just made us laugh so much. We shared a mango milkshake instead and then headed back up to our campsite.

When we got back, Jake started dinner and I re-organized everything. My favorite thing to do. The setting for dinner that night was as if a fog had been lifted. The deep conversation we had, funny encounter, delicious food, wine, and golden hour made for a memorable evening. After dinner we cleaned up and drove down to the lake to fish. I caught up on some reading and writing while sitting in awe of the view. This night. We made our way back to camp , made small fire, and finished our wine. The field behind us lit up from the thunder storm rolling in. It was unreal. We went to bed soon after, listening to the rain.

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A woman on a mission to share a love of adventure and freedom.

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