Canadians are just the nicest. We arrived to the ferry dock at 6 in the morning and asked the ticket guy how he was, “Nothing short of amazing!” was his cheerful reply. We’ve made conversation with almost everyone, and they are all genuine and kind. We waited in line to drive aboard the Chicheemaun while drank our shakes and enjoyed our tizzies. It was our first ferry ride and we had no idea what we were doing. Best first experience ever. The ship was massive and nice and felt like an airport. I had no problem taking a little snooze. They had a cafeteria where we ate a (second) breakfast of a true Canadian bacon breakfast sandwich and coffee. It was delicious and we felt like the shakes we had earlier that morning evened out the grease.

We drove off the ferry all fueled up and ready to see what our next free campsite would look like. The beauty of camping for free is that, good or bad, the next destination is always a surprise. The free campsite app has worked out really well so far, but only gives you a location and a little information, so we are really never sure! The back country roads were full of cow fields and open marsh lands. We listened to Chris Stapleton radio the whole way. We stopped for some groceries and filled our cooler with all of the much needed veggies. When we arrived to our next site next to the beach of Lake Huron we decided to make veggie sandwiches and head over the railroad track to the beach. The water was freezing so not much swimming, but we enjoyed spending the late afternoon reading beneath the shaded trees with our fancy mint lemon cucumber water. After lunch we tried out our outdoor shower for the first time and it worked! We left it on top of the truck to heat up in the sun and it was actually so hot we had to fill it with cold water. It’s just a bag with a shower nozzle and it’s been working great to wash dishes as well.

We cooked a healthy dinner and then introduced ourselves to the couple camping in the same lot. They were an older couple from a town near Toronto and were also using the free campsite app on their road trip to a festival in Thunder Bay! They gave us a glass of wine and we chatted for a bit. We ended the night with a sunset walk on the beach, and then hurried to the truck to escape the bugs. We need net suits.

Quinoa, Black beans, seasoning, bell pepper and broccoli.

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A woman on a mission to share a love of adventure and freedom.

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