We had protein bars and coffee for breakfast, and a slow morning catching up with friends at the campsite before heading to see Niagra falls. It is truly magnificent. We paid the $2 to get a view from the observation deck and it was well worth it. After awing at the sights, we hangrily searched for food and found a lunch spot up the road called the Red Coach Inn. Jake had Shepard’s pie for the first time, I had a salmon BLT and we both had too many fries. It was okay but I wouldn’t recommend it. After lunch we made our way to the rainbow bridge to cross the border! Jake had done in a ton of research prior to this trip about how they may not let us cross the boarder with a DUI on his record but thankfully none of it was true! They were so kind, and we were happily welcomed.We crossed the border and made out way through the city to find parking. It cost 20$ for the day in cash. This city was like a New York City Lad Vegas Theme park, way too many people for our liking but still pretty cool to see. The falls from the Canadian side were stunning as well. You could see horseshoe falls and there was more space to sit and enjoy the view. They even had a marketplace with a restaurant we would have enjoyed. Next time!

We left Niagra and headed towards the town of Tobermory, where we had found a free campsite to stay in. By campsite I mean empty parking lot with no signs that say no overnight parking. This is the not so glamourous side of car camping on a budget. Along the drive, we saw marshlands and blue skies, not much else. About 20 miles outside of Tobermory Jake spotted an open parking lot with a bit more greenery than the one downtown might have had. It felt a little sketchy staying there but we did it anyways and had no trouble. Jake almost ran over beautiful flower backing in but I saved it. We made a simple soup dinner and hopped into bed with our tea to take shelter from the bugs. They weren’t kidding when they said they are the worst in Canada.

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A woman on a mission to share a love of adventure and freedom.

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