I definitely cried as soon as we got to Bennington. This place is just pure magic to me and always will be. We had shakes for breakfast that morning, listened to Johnny Cash, and stopped for ice cream on the way there. That night we stayed at one of very best friends’ house in Wilmington. She took us a too a bier garden in Brattleboro where we watched the most adorable tug boat go by and had smoked trout and crackers, poutine and of course, beer.

The next morning I took Jake to Dot’s diner for breakfast and ate what is pictured below, as well as a very berry pancake to start because we love food. After breakfast we walked in the rain to the country store and bought cheese, pickled garlic, and Italian seasoning. We stayed for an hour and talked with the owner, who ironically told us over and over again that need to get married. He first told us that he could tell we weren’t married because we weren’t fighting. Good timing, is what I told him. He also told us that “15-55 are your golden years” and “Your life right now is not practice” We listened.

We then made our way over the mountain, stopped in rainy Stratton village to get a chai. We walked around the snow making pond, still in the rain, and enjoyed the stillness of the water. One of the most beautiful things about Vermont is its’ stillness.

Best part of the day? Cilantro, obviously. Best burrito I’ve ever had. After we were done with our life changing burrito lunch, we got gas and went to the grocery store for baby wipes, beef, avocado, taco seasoning, apples, bananas and beer. The basics. We made it to our campsite on the battenkill and celebrated. We were right next to the river and we were the only people there.Aside from the bugs, it was a dream. A friend from the area came to the campsite for dinner and I got so caught up talking about Arbonne things, typical, that I forgot to take a picture of our delicious tacos. Clearly it was a Mexican themed day but we’re not complaining about it.

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A woman on a mission to share a love of adventure and freedom.

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