The morning was spent calling loved ones and sharing news. Around 12 we left our campsite and headed into the beautiful Hallmark town of Manchester. Still kicking myself I didn’t get a picture. Ah well, I made sure to get some of the food and isn’t that the most important part anyways? Right. We had lunch at Al Ducci’s and all of my senses were in heaven. Frank Sinatra radio, adorable little table by the window with sunshine, Ratatouille fresh bread smells, and of course the most delicious Italian sandwich of your dreams. We picked up a few things. Pesto and pasta for a dinner, and flower wine for a friend.

We made it to my old home on Highland Ave., which is now an air bnb! Right? Crazy. It was surreal having Jake there but so special at the same time. We both showered, he napped, and then I finally put together the homepage of this blog! Small victories. Then we met up with a family friend for drinks and wings and afterwards drove out to Pawlet to visit a friend for second dinner. She took us to the most incredible lookout and her baby came along also. I’ll always remember her gracefully running through the field to catch the sunset with little Wolfe running behind her and Jake flailing behind them. I love him and his flailing. We ended the evening with fancy gin beverages by the fire. On the way home I stuck my head out the window to soak up the stars. There’s just nothing like it.

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A woman on a mission to share a love of adventure and freedom.

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