Our first leg of the trip! We drove 9 1/2 hours, and stopped in Allentown Pennsylvania to camp for the night on our way to Vermont. We listened to the Joe Rogan podcast and “ Only Love” by Ben Howard was our song of the day. PB&J’s for lunch and of course all of the snacks. I’m most likely going to write about all of our snack choices because yes hello I am the snack master. Jake insisted on getting gas station coffee instead of my bougie choice of finding a local coffee stop and it was delicious. He won that round.

Tonight was the night of figuring out how this was going to go, and couldn’t have been any better. We used everything we brought and it actually worked! Jake went fishing and I cooked a delicious meal during golden hour by the riverside. Ridiculously wonderful. The day ended with loose leaf turmeric tea by the fire, and an hour of me trying to set up this platform. Oh, and lightening bugs. Total magic.

Sautéed broccoli and bell pepper with butter and black pepper Quinoa Seafood seasoned chicken

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A woman on a mission to share a love of adventure and freedom.

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